How to send QSL scan with smartphone


Why this feature: this is the most convenient way to get those
RDA's confirmed for which we havent been able to get electronic
log but you have a QSL in the bottom of your drawer.
In case of questions dont hesitate to reach out to RA3R or ES1TU (emails in

Step 1: Goto to with your phone and select 'My call' in menu

Step 2: Select 'Send QSL scan' from the menu

Step 3: Enter RDA code (use this search if in doubt)

Step 4: Click 'Choose file'

Step 5: Click 'Camera' and make a photo of QSL card 'data' side (or 'Files' to choose existing file)

Step 6: If RDA code or QSL owner callsign is not visible on card 'data' side - you must send the image of the other side too.
For that, click on bottom 'Choose file' and make photo of another side of a card.

Step 7: Check the image preview(s) (scroll down with your phone) and press 'Send'

Step 8: Your scans are listed here until they are reviewed and confirmed

'Broken image' means your image didnt make it to our server.
No worries, try sending again (same RDA, make/select photo), keeping this in mind:

  • Make sure you are posting image file (not pdf etc)
  • If you keep getting 'Broken image' after several retries, then probably your phone (or internet provider limits size)
  • Try to decrease your camera image resolution, this will produce smaller size image
  • If nothing helps, drop email to ES1TU :)

  • 'Invalid RDA' means RDA you filled and the one seen on card dont match. Try another RDA or contact RA3R.

    "Need both sides" - means that callsign and RDA are not visible on the scan.
    In such case you need to upload both sides of a card again.