Import qsos from Hamlog

Hamlog is quite popular online log-environment among russian hams.
Many of them upload their logs there on regular basis.

Russian Districts Award is importing qsos from Hamlog every night.
Hamlog exports only those qsos where it sees a matching pair from both qso parties.

So, in order to take advantage of this feature (and get a bunch of RDA's confirmed) you need to do two things:

  • Create account on Hamlog
  • Upload your log occasionally to Hamlog Create account on Hamlog Go to their website and apply for a new account. They ask for two existing stations on their system as approvers. You can add RA3R and ES1TU there. We at RDA check for newly created accounts on Hamlog once a week - on every Saturday night. Upload your log occasionally to Hamlog Feel free to upload your log there as often as you like. Once your account is linked between Hamlog and RDA - we'll scan the Hamlog export automatically every night. Check latest import You can check your latest import from Hamlog here. 73, RA3R